Monday, 19 May 2008

This was written for a Halloween ff story comp.

Their lips were locked together, hands fumbling in the darkness. They were groaning, moaning, hot for each other.

Their hands were pawing at each others clothes.

His hands closed over her breasts, squeezing them tightly, and then brushing his palms over the nipples.

Her hands weren’t idle either; one was in his hair holding that wicked mouth to hers. The other had been on his chest, but was now caressing his shaft through his pants.

He moved a hand and slowly lowered the zipper of her top, exposing the tops of her heaving breasts. Ripping his mouth from hers, he sucked in oxygen to his starved lungs. He then kissed whatever he uncovered.

Suddenly they heard laughing and giggling near by and froze. He pushed himself up against her, pushing her back to the padded wall like he was trying to imbed her in it, making her move the hand from his fly and into his hair

She moaned as she felt him grind his hips into hers, she felt herself grow wet. He was nibbling and biting her neck, lord she loved that.

The laughing and giggling moved off, he looked up and grinned at her, ‘Nearly caught.’ He proceeded to pull the zip all the way down, and her unfettered breast gently swaying at being free. Groaning he leaned down and laved first one breast then the other, his hands on her ass, cupping and lifting her into his erection.

Her head fell back thrusting her chest out further. God he was killing her! His leg insinuated itself between her legs, pressing in and upward, the pressure sending her mind swirling away, and many naughty thoughts flying by.

His hands on her ass moved a little lower, then slipping up and under the short skirt that went with her costume. He pushed the skirt up, his hands finally on soft skin, she groaned her pleasure, his coarse fingers cupping her ass again, this time no material between hands and cheeks.

‘Darlin, are you commando?’ He asked grinning, his tongue flicking her nipple, making it erect and begging for more.

Gasping for air he heard a throaty, ‘No babe, a thong.’ He chuckled listening to her moan again as his mouth gave the nipple what it wanted, sucking hard on it.

Dragging his mouth back to hers she kissed him again, tongues duelling, sucking tongues, nibbling lips, wanting more, needing it. Hearts were hammering, breathin ragged. Mewing sounds coming from her, deep satisfying grunts from him.

Her hand found his shaft again and he ground it into her, begging for her touch. The zipper was lowered, slowly, driving him wild, knowing she would soon touch him. Her hand snuck into the opening, his velvet hardness warmed her hand. Wrapping around him she moved up and down. His head went back and he moaned loudly.

‘Careful babe, someone may hear you, and then we’d be in trouble.’ She snickered softly against his chest, mouthing his nipple through his shirt. He clamped his hands harder onto her ass, making her squeak with shock.

‘Now who needs to be quite?’ He laughed.

Her clever hands gently pulled him out of his fly, the cold air hitting him made him suck the air in through his teeth. Damn that felt good. His hands, under her skirt, moved, one stayed on her hip the other moved down towards her mound. She whimpered when she realised he was on the move.

His long fingers slowly drew circles on the top of her panties, teasing her, moving down but never going any further, her hips thrusting forward, trying to get him to move further. He laughed and kissed her softly, ‘What’s the matter darlin, you want something?’ He smiled down at her; she was watching him through half opened heavy eyes.

‘Bastard!’ She pushed him off her, turning so he was the one leaning on the wall, dropped to her knees and her mouth was on him before he realised what she was up to! He nearly yelped at the top of his lungs as she latched onto him and took him in as far as she could. Swallowing it quickly so no one would hear him, then groaned as she took his balls in her hand and tugged then gently, fondling them all the while her mouth moving up and down his shaft. He very nearly shot his load as she took her mouth all the way off him and carefully licked his slit. She licked away the pearly drops that had formed there.

His hands went to her head trying to steady himself. She sank down onto him again, deep throating him, humming softly at the taste of him. ‘Jeeeeeeeesus woman, you keep doing that I’m not gonna be able to stop!’ He pulled her hair making her slide him out of that marvellous mouth of hers. She carefully did him back up incase they were disturbed.

Pulling her to her feet he kissed he deeply, pouring all the emotion into it that he was feeling. His hand caressed her breast the other her ass. ‘My turn!’ His eyes were dark, stormy and full of desire, looking straight into her heart. She swallowed hard.

He kissed her again, and then rained kisses onto her neck; biting her then laving is better. Her legs going to jelly, she grasped his shoulders holding on for dear life.

He worked his way down to her breast paying each one homage, he dropped to his knees, and blew into her belly button, tongue following. She whimpered again, feeling the moistness pooling, making her wet through with desire for him.

He pushed the skirt up around her waist, and kissed the top of her mound; clever and quick hands hooked into her thong and pulled it down. He lifted her feet and removed the thong, tucking it into his pocket.

She nearly passed out as without warning, his mouth was one her, his tongue speared her clit, making her grab his head and hold on. He twisted on his knees and she found herself pushed back on the wall again, never once taking his mouth from her.

His hands ran up the back of her legs to her butt and held her too him. One hand slipped around the front of her, trailed up her leg and inserted one finger into her, pushing in and out, all the while his tongue driving her even farther over the edge.

He held her on the brink for what seemed like hours, taking her to the top but never letting her jump off.

‘For god’s sake, fuck me!’ She panted, yanking his hair, making him take his heat from her. His fingers slipping from her, covered in her juices, licking them clean.

‘My, my, my impatient aren’t ya?’ He snickered, standing.

‘Hell YEAH.’ She reached down, unzipped his trousers, pushed them down till they pooled at his ankles, his shaft glinting in the dim lighting.

He kissed her again, tasting herself on his lips made her even more turned on. He turned her around to face the wall, ‘Ready?’ And with that he grasped her hips and drove into her, she wanted to scream, but then they’d be discovered, so it came out in a low feral growl.

Her arms braced on the top of the wall as he slammed into her again and again, harder and faster he went. Her walls were tightening around him, his fingers leaving marks on her hips as he drove into her.

‘Oh God I’m cumin, ooooooooooh goooooooo …………………’ came the long drawn out cry, ripped from her as one after another orgasm washed over her.

He felt her going over and drove deeper into her, hips pistoning till he thrust into her one more time, grinding into her, his head thrown back, veins standing out on his neck.

Panting they righted their clothes incase someone came by.

‘Well damn I always wanted to score a TD, looks like I’ve got my wish.’

She slapped his arm, ‘Damn Sambora, sure know how to make a woman feel loved. How the hell did you talk me into having a quickie on the Soul field I’ll never know.’ Throwing back her head and laughing.

‘Yeah really need to thank Jon for having a Halloween party here.’ He glanced up towards the owner’s box, light shining out and music thumping out. He grinned, and looked down at his own personal little devil, dressed in a tight red leather top and skirt, four inch high matching shoes and loving the way her horns were tilted to one side.

Jay looked into those brown puppy dog eyes and melted; leaning forward grabbed his head and pulled him down for another kiss. ‘Ok Captain Jack, think we better get back before they send the search party out?’ Damn Sambora as a pirate was hotter than hell.

They both jumped when laughter and voices shouted ‘Too late! We’ve found you! Wondered where the hell you two went. Rich man, you and the end zone sheeeesh! Least we got to ya before you could sully the turf.’ Jon laughed loudly.

‘Yeah, least we only caught them necking.’ David piped up, Tico just chompin on an unlit cigar and laughing.

‘Ok you assholes, you got us, now lets get back to the party.’ He winked at Jay, whose cheeks burned thinking they nearly got caught, and then laughing.

Ah my horny little devil Richie thought. She asked if he wanted to live out a fantasy, he grinned. What a woman!

What a Halloween night to remember!